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First basin of the lake assures you a full story of Como and expecting you to discover its colorful houses, historical villas, celebrity villas. Usually, boat tour starts from Como, but you can change the point of departure. Just keep in mind that there should be a public or private pier at the point of departure.

1 Hour

Start from Como*


One of the most popular villages on the lake, famous for its splendid lakeside promenade, as well as for Villa d’Este which is a 16th century residence converted into a luxury hotel in 1873, and Villa Erba which was a set of several movies.
These 3 villages are located side by side on the lake and have a rich history. Here you can find the iconic Villa Oleandra (George Clooney’s property) and the most fashionable Villa Fontanelle (also knowns as Villa Versace).

After admiring the left side of the first basin, we will move to the opposite side and, on the way back, we will find these two villages. The shores of the lake are full with historical villas from various eras. One of the well-known villas, Villa Pliniana, a s 16th century palace built around a spring, has hosted various historical figures, including Napoleon and composers such as Rossini and Bellini.

Villa Taverna: It stands in a panoramic position between Blevio and Torno, it was built by Count Taverna at the end of the 18th century, now splitted into 12 apartments.

Villa Roccabruna: Owned by the famous Opera singer Giuditta Pasta, it is now home to the Mandarin Oriental Lake Como Hotel.

Villa Troubetzkoy: It takes its name from Prince Troubetzkoy. Built in the mid-nineteenth century, it is famous not only for its history but also for the scenic elevator on the lake.

Finally, you can admire the stunning view of Como downtown seen from the Lake, with the Cathedral’s dome right in the center. Construction of the Cathedral started in 1396 and ended in 1744.

*The starting location can be changed upon specific request. Any public pier on the lake will be allowed to be used as a recovery point. Private retrieval points such as hotels or private pontoons will only be allowed to be used if clients reside in the same.

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